Hybrid Work and Remote-First Work by 3veta

97. Remote First Team: What Does it Mean and How to Become One

Remote first teams, remote-friendly workplaces, remote-only teams. We are encountering these terms everywhere but what do they mean?

101. Guest Contribution - How does recruiting software help remote work

Remote work would be impossible if it weren’t for technology and software. Here’s the role of recruiting software in it.

96. All you need to know about having an online workspace

The magic of any online workspace is that you can efficiently do your job without being tied to the office desk. But there’s so much more.

100. Product Update - February

Monthly Digest: What's new on the 3veta platform in February 2022

99. How consulting software can help you grow your small business

Growing a small consulting business can be tough. However, finding the right consulting software can help you gain an unfair advantage.

91. What is cross-team collaboration and how to excel in it

Dealing with only one team at a time might be the manager’s dream but is hardly the reality. Apart from managing your own team, you’ll need to perfect your cross-team collaboration skills.

95. Meet the Team - Eve

From Maths through web design to digital marketing - the traveling and remote working adventure of Eve!

89. 6 challenges of virtual teams and how to overcome them

When we speak of telework we picture flexible working hours and a mobile office but there are also many challenges virtual teams face!

93. Guest contribution - How to start a sales consulting business

Do you love sales? Probably, you enjoy talking to people, doing cold calls, and converting those clients. If you love doing all of this, starting a sales consulting business could be a great start.

94. Product Update January

Monthly Digest: What's new on the 3veta platform in January

92. How To Promote Your Consulting Business On Social Media - Thumbnail

As the times are changing, so is social media. Right now social is one of the hottest places to promote your online business. Here's how.

87. Remote work software for your Remote Team

Working remotely is a gem, but you’ll need to use a few tools to avoid miscommunication. Here are 21 remote work software that’ll help you put the chaos in order.

90. What is virtual co-working and how to start practicing it-min

Working from home requires a lot of self-discipline in terms of productivity. You can manage your time better if you have online buddies that help you stay on track.

85. How to make virtual meetings more interactive

Keeping your audience engaged during video calls could be a challenge. Here are some tips on what you can do to change that.

88. Online Chess Lessons

I spoke to more than 50 chess coaches to create this guide. Here's the ultimate guide to chess coaching.