Hybrid Work and Remote-First Work by 3veta

74. Meet the team - Nikola (Head of Sales)

From consulting through world-class risk management to Head of Sales and customers’ favorite. This is Nikola Babic.

time allocation techniques to improve your productivity

Usually, when you cross one item off your to-do list, two more appear. Therefore, here are 15 time allocation techniques to help you keep up with the schedule.

5 time-management worksheet templates to better organize your time

Download free time management worksheet templates. Time management is a key organizational skill that every professional has to master. Here’s how to start.

70. Product Update - Hand raising and reactions in video

Now there’s an even simpler way to interact over a video call – with the simple raise of a hand or emoji reaction!

How to effectively schedule appointments

Getting your appointments right is an investment in your business. Here's how to effectively schedule appointments and online meetings.

How using a white label video conferencing platform boosts your business

Wondering whether to use a white label video conferencing solution for your business communication needs?

59. Create a yoga schedule template

[Find free downloadable yoga schedule templates below] Are you a yoga teacher looking for the most effective way to make your class schedule? Then read along!

62. Product Update - Poll in video chat

Raise your hand up if you’ve ever created a poll! Now you can create a poll in the chat of your video call.

68. How to integrate Zoom and Calendly

Calendly Zoom integration not working? Here's the complete guide to connecting Calendly to Zoom plus an interesting alternative.

How to collect payments from individual workshop participants

From cash flow to customer satisfaction, the way you collect payments from individual workshop participants impacts your business.

Katya Vaptsarova - Meet the Team – Katya (Co-founder & CEO

From graduating with flying colors from Bocconi through big pharma to being a devoted mother and CEO at 3veta. This is Katya Vaptsarova.

Product Update - Free video call recordings

You can now take advantage of video call recordings completely for free, directly to your computer!

12 client management tips to effectively win and keep clients

For each business, it is of utmost importance to keep their clients satisfied. Here you will find 12 useful client management tips on how to achieve that.

14 part-time work from home business ideas

Imagine being able to turn your hobby into an online business. This is easier to achieve than you might think. Here are 14 part-time work-from-home ideas.

52. 7 coaches share their struggles of moving their coaching businesses online

Are you considering moving your business online? We’ve interviewed 7 coaches and we’ll share with you the setbacks they’ve experienced in the process.

the best resource management games to boost your team's productivity

Looking for the best resource management games? Let us show you how to use games to boost your team's productivity.

Become a spiritual life coach

A spiritual life coach can guide people into transforming their lives for the better. So, here are 7 steps for you to follow should you decide to embark on a helping career.

49. 7 clever planning tips for working from home professionals-min

Even the most successful professional has once sought some planning tips to be more efficient. So, here are 7 pointers for a well-organized workday from home.

46. Meet the team - Iliya

From top of the class Math geek, to data science instructor with 800,000+ students, to co-founder of two startups. This is Iliya Valchanov.

50. Blog update - Screen share for ios

The wait is over – you can share your screen in Full HD from your iPhone or iPad.

What is Telework: Telework, Telecommuting, and WFH

What's telework? Have you ever stumbled upon the terms teleworking or telecommuting? Here's everything you need to know about it.

48. Will online meetings replace live meetings in the future-min

The pandemic has shown us that online video meetings can comfortably substitute live meetings for the most part. But will they become the new normal?

9 business coaching tools to help you coach smarter and be more efficient

If you are an online coach, here are 9 business coaching tools to help you improve your virtual business and be more efficient.

41. Meetfox Alternative: MeetFox vs 3veta Comparison

With so many options on the market, it can be a challenge to choose the optimal platform for video meetings. In this article, we’ll compare MeetFox and 3veta.

virtual meeting etiquette: 9 ground rules for video conferencing

Wondering how to look professional on a video call? Follow these 9 virtual meeting etiquette tips and ground rules for video conferencing.

How to schedule patients effectively

If you work in the health industry and you want to manage your timetable via online bookings, here are 7 tips on how to schedule patients effectively.

How to Become an Independent Consultant in 5 Easy Steps

Wondering how to become an independent consultant? Just follow these 5 easy steps and you'll be all set!

Meet the Team - Mariya Valchanova - Masha - Co-founder and Head of Design 3veta

Have you ever wondered how an Economics graduate might completely change the course of their career and become a product designer? This is Masha’s story.

7 proven ways to be a successful nutrition coach online

Nowadays, many people seek professional help because nutrition is essential for our health. If you’re an online nutrition coach, these 7 tips are for you.

36. Product Update - My booking page

We proudly present to you our latest feature – My booking page! It might sound like just one feature, but it has packed a lot of improvement within itself!

What's the best video conferencing setup/equipment for consultants

Wondering what's the best home video conferencing setup for your consulting business? Here are 3 packages that will fit your budget.

tips on how to look professional on a video call

It’s not easy to pull off a white-collar approach while working from home. So, here are 11 tips on how to look professional on your video calls.

Product Update June - Scheduling Quick meetings

You can now schedule your meetings in advance, decide who will be paying for them or ‘Meet now’ and jump in a meeting with no preparation whatsoever!

Virtual babysitting and how to become a virtual nanny

Virtual nannies help out busy parents in times of global pandemic. Here’s how to join their team and start offering virtual babysitting services online.

Best consultant scheduling software for your consulting business

Here are the top 31 consultant scheduling software to help you with perfecting the online presence of your consulting business.

Why are marketplaces bad for your identity

Marketplaces are perfect for the consumer as they make it easy to search and discover goods and services. But what about the providers?

33. Product update May - Meeting Room Customization

You have already created your website, added a logo and customized it – now it’s time to spice up your meeting room as well!

27. How to be more productive while working from home

Wondering how to boost your productivity while working from home? We’ve got you covered. Here are 7 easy tips on how to be more productive.

Am I tech-savvy enough to provide online services

You're starting an online business but are wondering if you can manage the tech. Leave it to 3veta and focus on your online services!

3veta's CTO - Iskren Vankov

From full-time coding at 17 to Caltech and Oxford, to world-class derivatives trading, to co-founder and CTO of 3veta. This is Iskren Vankov.

Freelancer vs. Company

Services delivered by video calls are offered both by freelancers and by agencies. Learn why hiring freelancers is the better choice.

3veta is completely FREE until 1 May 2021

It is time for a spring clean! Clean your processes and your finances with 3veta! The best place to meet clients online and getting paid – now completely for free! vs 3veta

Which tool to choose for online meetings? 3veta vs. comparison see how stacks up against 3veta.

Setmore vs. 3veta

Which tool to choose for video meetings? Check out this 3veta vs. Setmore comparison to see which one is best for you?

Top 5 apps for the providers of online services via video

There are many solutions allowing providers to offer online services via video and get paid automatically. Here is our selection of the Top 5.

Product update - Free Meetings

We know you wanted free meetings – here they are!

A customer of online services via video

How virtual meeting works? In its market study 3veta posed the question: What matters to the customers of online services via video?

Customer of online services via video

Our survey shows most of us have already adopted online services via virtual consultation. But which ones will be most in demand in 2021?

Con i servizi online in continua crescita, non si possono non notare tutti i vantaggi che offrono. Ma cosa implica a livello di prezzi?

While online services are on the rise, we can't help but see all the benefits they offer if you decide to bring your practice online.

Il team di 3veta ha realizzato un’indagine di mercato per scoprire fino a che punto i servizi video online sono ormai parte delle nostre vite.

The 3veta team carried out a market study to find out to what extent online services via virtual conference call have become a part of our lives.

Update di prodotto: crea il tuo sito web!

Our long-awaited website builder is finally here!

Working from Home with a Baby? How Moms can Build a Career

How providing online video services helps moms balance between working from home with a baby or toddler and having a successful career.

How to start providing online consultations from home

If you are wondering how to start providing online consultations from home, this guide will give you all the essential advice you need before starting.

I 5 servizi che non ti aspettavi di trovare online!

What are the most surprising services that have proved to work perfectly fine with the help of a simple video chat? Find out below.

Update di prodotto: e-mail automatiche!

Transactional e-mails are flying into your inbox! 📬

How can a Lawyer Start Providing Online Legal Services?

It is now fully possible for lawyers to provide online legal services. If you want to get up to speed, this is the perfect place to start.

Update di prodotto: nuovo look!

We’ve got a dazzling new facelift!

Telemedicine Video Conferencing: Everything You Need to Know

What's telemedicine video conferencing, how to become a mobile doctor, and why you should start providing online medical consultations.

How to become an online tutor?

This guide will focus on how to become an online tutor and build a successful business out of it.

how to become an online personal trainer - a fitness instructor providing online trainings

If you want to expand your business and learn how to become an online personal trainer, this guide is your best place to start!

Update di prodotto: Chat, meeting “a senso unico” e un’accogliente sala d’attesa

First improvements are up and running!

4 people representing a Gen Zeer, a Millenial, a Gen Xer and a Baby Boomer

From Generation Z to Baby Boomers, every generation has their reasons to use video conferencing for online services.

1. Online Services from Home - when are they becoming a part of our lives

If you are looking for the next thing to change our lives very soon, look no further than consultation services.

3veta beta

We are proud to announce that after months of hard work is finally in beta!You can use 3veta to easily create paid online video meetings with clients and get paid for your time, every time!