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New in March: Meeting Rooms, New Menu, and ‘Add to Calendar’ Feature

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Monthly Digest: What's new on the 3veta platform in March 2022
109. Product Update - March

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March was a very productive month for our team.

We have been working hard on launching 3veta 2.0 which is centered around teams. It has been internally tested, beta tested, and you can actually expect it anytime now! That’s so big for us that we will be announcing it in a separate email.

In the meantime, we managed to squeeze in a couple of other cool updates and improvements.

Meeting Rooms

You can now create team meeting rooms that best fit your needs – quick meetings, daily standups, or weekly catch-ups. You name it!

Forget about the ‘where’s the link to the meeting’ situations. With team meeting rooms, your team will always know where to join!

New Menu Organization

We have improved our menu and it’s now shorter and simpler. After investing time in studying the user flow, we came back with this new menu organization.

It now follows the pattern you (our users) prefer!

‘Add to Calendar’ Feature

We have added a new feature that allows your customers to add a meeting directly to their calendars during the booking process.

This little improvement ensures that they won’t forget your meeting and potentially reduces no-shows.

Thank you all for the positive feedback and thank you for being part of the 3veta family!

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Iskren is the CTO of 3veta.com. He is an Oxford graduate, instructor on Udemy with more than 400,000 students, former head of R&D for multiple start-ups, and software developer for an international trading company. If this isn't enough, he is also a published researcher in the peer-reviewed Quantum Science and Technology journal.