Schedule online meetings in one click

Schedule internal team meetings or external meetings with clients like never before

Schedule and reschedule meetings on the fly

Save time with instant scheduling and skip the availability guessing game. No more chasing your team down or sending updates. Everything is automated.

Shared team calendar no matter if Apple, Google or Microsoft

See each team member’s availability and schedule multi-person meetings. 

Eliminate the back-and-forth emails to schedule a team meeting. 

3veta can integrate your team’s calendars even if the team members are using different calendar systems (Apple, Google, or Microsoft).

Scheduling made easy

2-way calendar sync

Sync all your calendars and never worry about your personal appointments clashing with your business meetings.

All popular calendars

Use your favorite calendars. Sync with Google, Outlook, or iCloud and get an instant overview of your schedule.

Multiple calendar sync

See your availability in real-time across all your calendars with our intelligent cross-platform integration.

Manage and share your availability

Create your personal online booking page, set your availability, and share it with your team members or clients in just a click. Get back control over your schedule.

Automated invitations and reminders no matter the time zone

Send automatic invitations and reminders across multiple time zones to your team members or clients. Secure your upcoming meetings. No more missed calls! No more no-shows!

Different calendar views


Use the daily view to get a quick summary of what’s up for the day and if there are some free time slots left.


Use the weekly view to get a simple overview of your schedule and what you’ve planned for the next few days.


Use the monthly view when you need to plan or re-evaluate your scheduled meetings and appointments.

Connect your scheduling to the tools you already use

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Our world class support is here for you

From setting up your account to integrating and automating your processes – we’re here for you every step of the way.

Our customer support team is truly outstanding and ready to tackle any issue you might face.