Bring your services online

Everything you need, all in one place
100% secure payments
Your own platform
where you can provide online services and get paid for it
Full HD video on your own platform
Providing security to you and your clients
A simple way to have an end-to-end solution
All with your name on it
How it works
One provider and three customers in a video conferencing call, using the 3veta video player
Create your online space
Send an online meeting link
Meet clients and get paid for your time
Create your own website in just a few clicks
  1. Pick a color scheme, and customize the look and feel
  2. Add your services
  3. Launch your website
A beautiful website created with the 3veta website builder, showcasing a lawyer’s website
A beautiful website created with the 3veta website builder, showcasing a website of a business coach
An example of how different services will show on a website created with 3veta
Never lose track of your
The 3veta dashboard on mobile and desktop
Download the app
where you can provide services online directly from your phone
Join any meeting directly from your phone
Online video meetings have never been so simple
Keep your clients in a waiting room until you admit them
The 3veta mobile app
Your online presence
why you don’t want to be on a marketplace
Personalize your website to fit YOU
Our website is purple, yours doesn’t need to be.
Don’t lose clients to competition
The clients you bring to your website stay with you.
Choose whether to market yourself
Why be one of many when you can be unique.
Don’t suffer from flawed rating systems
There is no rating system because there is nobody to compete with.