How Contabi Added a New Revenue Stream

Contabi is a leading professional marketplace that connects businesses with top accountants.


Why Contabi chose 3veta?

What did they do?

We met Arthur (Founder of Contabi Alliance) at TechCrunch Disrupt. Arthur shared he wanted to provide his community of accounting companies with lead-generation opportunities.

Arthur partnered with 3veta to create a marketplace where his clients could get listed, get booked, and get paid. 

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What did they achieve?

Created value for clients and managed to upsell them

Contabi Alliance was just a community of business owners. Now they are also a lead-gen and connectivity SaaS.

After Contabi’s partnership with 3veta, the whole community received a top-notch software product. 

Increased visibility and client bookings

Contabi’s members are great professionals who can solve any accounting hurdle.

However, not many of them have streamlined their client communication.

Contabi is now allowing them to:

  • Be listed on a professional marketplace
  • Connect their calendars (Google, Outlook, Apple) and manage their availability
  • Has their own booking page
Must-have Service Marketplace Features You Should Consider
Must-have Service Marketplace Features You Should Consider

Seamless self-service onboarding process

3veta has provided Contabi with a seamless self-service onboarding process.

Right now, new members of Contabi can create the account on their own and:

  • add their photo and branding materials
  • edit their services
  • have full control over their marketplace appearance

Ready to learn more?

So that’s how we helped Arthur. Interested to see how we can help you?

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