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Remote work guest posts guidelines

First and foremost, we share content that is informative, engaging, and entertaining. Use our blog to show your expertise. We do not accept duplicate content, and we check each submission for plagiarism.

Length: Posts should be 1,000+ words in length.

Tone: Write as if you are explaining to a friend. Don’t over-complicate but also don’t be condescending. Please check our blog to get to know our writing style.

Structure: Break up your content so it is easy to read. Use headings, subheadings, and bullets to improve the readability of the guest post. Include 2-3 images per 1000 words. Please use Unsplash for free, high-quality images and give attributions.

Proper grammar: Make sure you proofread and edit your article if needed before submitting it to us. Not sure about your grammar? The least you can do is to use Grammarly – it’s free!  

Outbound Links: The post should have at least 3 external links to credible websites and at least 2 links to other 3veta blog posts. 

Backlinks: Feel free to link to your site but only if it’s a relevant blog post. We accept 1 link placed in the content for link building purposes. (We do not allow linking to adult and betting sites within a guest post.)

Author Bio: All final drafts should be accompanied by an author bio and a photo (150x150px). The author bio should be up to 50 words long and may include 1 link to your business website and/or any social media handle.

N.B. We reserve full editorial control over the content and may edit or tweak your submission. That includes removing too much self-promotion, optimizing for SEO, and all kinds of other edits, both small and large.

Examples of approved guest posts

117. How To Protect Remote Employees From Cyberattacks

The threat of cyberattacks is always present, especially for remote workers, so it's more important than ever to be prepared.

114. Guest Contribution - Why Hybrid working requires hybrid learning

As more and more companies shift to a hybrid work model, hybrid learning becomes a norm for employees, trainees, and remote team managers.

113. Guest Contribution - Coworking Psychology Why People Thrive in Shared Workspaces

Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular among remote and hybrid-working professionals. But what are the pros and cons?

111. What to Avoid When Monitoring Remote Employees

While using employee monitoring software has become a common practice today, it still raises questions and concerns among people.

112. Remote Work Tools to Streamline Your Workflow

Working from home can be challenging and it can take time to adjust, but the right remote work tools can make it so much easier.

107. Guest Contribution - Managing remote employees - 10 Strategies to Implement Today

Managing remote employees can be challenging. However, with the right process in place, you can keep your team aligned and productive.

106. How to stay connected when working remotely_ 8 tips for managers

Good communication is essential for any remote team. Here’s how to stay connected when working remotely to build a positive work environment.

105. Guest Contribution - How to Host Remote-Friendly Online Meetings

Remote meetings have become an essential part of our daily activities. If you have wondered how to host more remote-friendly meetings, this article is for you.

101. Guest Contribution - How does recruiting software help remote work

Remote work would be impossible if it weren’t for technology and software. Here’s the role of recruiting software in it.

99. How consulting software can help you grow your small business

Growing a small consulting business can be tough. However, finding the right consulting software can help you gain an unfair advantage.

Accepted blog post titles

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