The Modern Meeting Experience Your Team Deserves

Meet and collaborate effectively with your team in one flexible workspace

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Simplify teamwork and increase productivity

Your whole team’s agenda – all in one place.

Automate the scheduling process and cut down the time spent coordinating meetings.

Schedule meetings more efficiently without the back-and-forth emails.

Unified calendar view

See your team's availability at a glance. Easily create and update calendar events.

Avoid no shows

Avoid no-shows

Send automatic email reminders and never worry about follow-ups again.

Reschedule meetings easily

Reschedule meetings

Change of plans? Reschedule meetings easily with just a few clicks.

Shape a modern meeting experience

Break down remote communication barriers with video calls directly in your browser.

Bring your remote team together and easily collaborate on projects and tasks.

Share ideas, discuss challenges, make decisions and move work forward.

Full HD meetings

Meet and collaborate with your team (up to 100 people) online in Full HD.

Meeting rooms

Boost team collaboration and communication with dedicated meeting rooms.‚Äč

Shared moderation

Improve your team's flexibility with shared meeting moderation.

Collaborate with team members or external partners

Meet with anyone, internally or externally.

Communicate, collaborate, and manage work from start to finish.

All from the same space.

Share availability

Share your availability with both your team and external people. Just send a link.

Schedule a demo

Schedule demos

Schedule demos with clients or presentations for your team. All in one place.

Calendar pooling

Calendar pooling

Increase your team's flexibility with an advanced pooled availability feature.

Your branding matters

Give your team and your clients a custom experience.

Create a personalized environment that will boost credibility and make your brand stick.

Branded video calls

Customize your meeting rooms for a more professional experience.

Branded booking page

Build trust with a fully personalized booking page.

Branded meeting links

Add your name to meeting links to make them more personal.

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Whatever you do, do it with 3veta

Consulting teams

Schedule and meet with partners, clients and teammates.

Sales teams

Streamline your pipeline and gain visibility across your team.


Schedule and meet with partners, clients and teammates.

Our world class support is here for you

From setting up your account to integrating and automating your processes – we’re here for you every step of the way.

Our customer support team is truly outstanding and ready to tackle any issue you might face.