Hybrid Work and Remote-First Work by 3veta

Why You Need a Remote Work Plan and How to Develop One

Planning to continue to work remotely? Here's what a good remote work plan includes and why you need one.

154. 6 best practices for remote workforce management

Becoming an expert in remote workforce management requires a variety of skills and strategies to help you lead your team to success.

153. Online Consulting - How to Start your Online Consulting Business the Right Way

Online consulting is a great opportunity for all domain experts looking to start working for themselves. Here's where to start.

150. How to build an effective team culture in 9 easy steps

Team culture is one of the biggest predictors of a team achieving greatness. Here are 9 tips on perfecting your team culture.

151. Product Update - July

Monthly Digest: What's new on the 3veta platform in July 2022

127. How to run a successful virtual team

Virtual teams are the new normal. Today’s technology has allowed almost all teams to become virtual. But how to manage a fully virtual team?

142. Safety tips for working from home

Remote work has its flaws that might pose a threat. Here are 11 safety tips to avoid complications when working from home.

149. Meet the Team - Yavor

From a table tennis champion through freelancing to a full-stack developer at 3veta. This is the story of Yavor Belakov.

148. 8 internal communication best practices for hybrid teams

Internal communication is essential for hybrid teams, but it can be challenging to get it right. Here are some best practices to achieve it.

147. 7 Tips on How to Easily Manage a Remote Sales Team

Looking for ways to manage a remote sales team? Here are some pro tips from an experienced Sales Team Lead to try.

How to avoid micromanaging your remote workers

Micromanagement is a remote work deal-breaker. Here's why it's a bad idea and how it affects employee morale and productivity.

145. How to Build an Effective Generation Z Remote Team

Creating an effective and healthy work environment for Generation Z employees involves identifying their key retention drivers.

Product Update - New in June 2022

Monthly Digest: What's new on the 3veta platform in June 2022

21 meeting management software examples for remote workers

In today’s business environment virtual meetings are essential, so what are the top-performing meeting management software for remote workers?

143. Mastering Synchronous & Asynchronous Communication

Mastering synchronous and asynchronous is about understanding their pros and cons and how they came to be. Let's explore them together.