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B2C Marketplace - A Complete Guide to Building a Strong Business

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs - are you ready to launch a service marketplace? Let’s get you introduced to the B2C marketplaces!

Custom Marketplace - How to Build a Customized Service Platform

Are you planning on launching your own services marketplace? Don’t miss out on our tips on how to build a customized platform!

The Best Bubble Templates for Marketplace Businesses

What are the best Bubble marketplace templates for your business? We’ve shortlisted some of them to make your choice easier.

How to Integrate Video Conferencing into a Website

Wondering how to integrate video conferencing into your website? Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it.

How to Build an MVP For Your Service Based Business

MVP testing - what it is and how to do it properly? If you’re about to launch a services marketplace business, keep reading.

How Customer Engagement Analytics Can Help Grow Your Service Marketplace

For all marketplace enthusiasts, do you know how important analyzing user engagement is and how to do it efficiently? Find out!

Strategies for growing and scaling a service marketplace business

Wondering how to grow and scale your service marketplace? Here are some actionable tips to help you achieve that.

6 Promising Service Marketplace Ideas for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Are you considering starting an online marketplace business? Here are some promising service marketplace ideas.

How to Start an Online Consultation Marketplace

Consultation marketplaces are the new hot topic among business owners and entrepreneurs. Here’s a full guide on how to start one.

The No-Code Movement What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

The no-code movement is gaining momentum. So, if you are tired of relying on expensive developers, that might be the right way to go.

How to Benefit from Using a White-Label Marketplace Software

Non-tech entrepreneurs can leverage white-label marketplace software to launch a business without breaking the bank. Here's how.

The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using White-Label Software

Business owners, this guide will provide valuable insights to help you navigate the world of white-label software successfully.

5 Easy Steps to Launch an Online Marketplace Using No-Code

Learn how to launch an online marketplace using no-code solutions with these 5 easy steps. Get started on your marketplace today!

How much does it cost to build a marketplace in 2023

What's the average cost of creating a marketplace website and mobile app for your business? We have prepared a detailed breakdown.

How to Build a Professional Services Marketplace

How to create a professional services marketplace? This guide will teach you how to build a profitable business from scratch.

How to build a coaching marketplace fast and without code

Coaching marketplaces have been increasingly in demand ever since online education became the new normal. Here’s how to build one.

Two-Sided Marketplaces Benefits, Challenges, and Examples

Looking to launch a two-sided marketplace? Here's a comprehensive guide to what to expect and where to start.

B2B Service Marketplaces - Challenges, Benefits, And Best Practices

Owning a B2B service marketplace comes with numerous benefits as well as some great challenges. Try these tips to overcome them.

How to build a No-Code Marketplace

How to build a no-code marketplace for service providers? Here is an expert guide on what you need to do to succeed.

Marketplace Branding How to Successfully Position Your Business

Marketplace branding should not be undermined. Here are some tips on how to grab the attention of both sellers and customers.

5 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages of No-Code Apps

When we talk about no-code apps and platforms, the discussion always turns to their pros and cons. Here are some of them

How to Pick the Right White-Label Video Conferencing Software

What to consider when looking for a white-label video conferencing solution? Here are some important points you must not overlook.

What Is No-Code Benefits, Opportunities, and Challenges

While adopting a no-code solution comes with some challenges, there are numerous benefits that your company can gain from it.

How to build an online tutoring marketplace

Wondering how to build an online tutoring marketplace? Here's everything you need to know and what to avoid.

What is a service marketplace and what should you consider before starting one

Service marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular but what are the details you should know before starting one?

Niche Marketplaces - Why and How to Build One

Niche marketplaces have become quite popular because they focus on the specific needs of a particular target audience.

What Is White Label Software

Businesses of all sizes are utilizing white-label software to offer solutions to their clients without expertise in development.

Must-have Service Marketplace Features You Should Consider

What are the most important service marketplace features you need to implement to stand out from your competition? Find out.

Top 7 Challenges of Managing a Remote Engineering Team

Managing a remote engineering team comes with its own set of challenges. But fret not! There are some ways to overcome them.

What is a peer-to-peer marketplace and how to launch one

Wondering how to build a peer-to-peer marketplace and start your own business? Read along and find out.

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Monthly Digest: What's new on the 3veta platform in December 2022

How to Create a Freelance Marketplace like Upwork

Want to find out how to create a freelancer marketplace like Upwork? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Build Trust in A Services Marketplace

Building trust in an online services marketplace might be a bit tricky. Here are some things to keep in mind.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Team Management

Managing a team is not easy, especially if all of your communication happens online. Here's how to master it.

6 Services Marketplace Business Models That Generate Revenue

If you are serious about making a profit, one of these services marketplace business models might be what you are looking for.

Marketplace vs. Platform - Which One is Right For Your Business

Many businesses struggle to differentiate between a marketplace and a platform. We’re here to clear things out.

8 Training Ideas for Remote Employees

Employee training is essential, and it is crucial to make the most of it. So, here are 8 training ideas for remote employees.

5 meeting management skills to run an effective meeting

Wondering what meeting management skills, you need to effectively manage online meetings? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Book Appointments Using LinkedIn

Can LinkedIn help you get more appointments? Yes, it can and it's pretty easy if you know what you're doing. Here are a few tips.

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Monthly Digest: What's new on the 3veta platform in October 2022

8 Strategies on How to Make Virtual Training More Engaging

Level up your online training sessions with these 8 virtual training best practices that will keep all eyes on you.

Branding for a Small Business: 8 Tips to Build a Powerful Brand

How to do branding for a small business and create a strong brand identity? Here’s an 8-step guide that answers all your questions.

Virtual Sales Meetings: 6 Ways to Train Your Sales Teams to Grow Revenue

Virtual sales meetings demand a balanced mix of selling skills and technology to lead the conversation. Here’s how to master both.

8 Incredible Ways Appointment Scheduling Tools Can Level Up Your Virtual Business

Using an appointment scheduling tool for your online business comes with a bunch of advantages. Here are some of them.

11 Tips to Make Everyone Feel Welcome in a Virtual Workplace

In the world of remote workspaces, it’s more crucial than ever to make sure your employees feel comfortable and confident.

Sales Video Calls - Best Practices & Tips to Improve your Performance

Sales video calls are becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits they offer. Here are some tips on how to ace them.

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How to Reduce No-show Appointments - 4 Ways to Improve Show Rates

Wondering how to reduce no-show appointments and sales calls? Use these strategies to increase show rates and close more deals.

Last minute cancellations - How to zero down on appointment cancellations

Last-minute cancellations happen but there are some simple yet effective ways to reduce the chances of them occurring. Here’s how.

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Virtual work environment: 6 tips to create a productive online workspace

Are you a new member of the remote-work club? Here's how to carefully set up your virtual work environment.

Remote Employer Branding Tips

Looking for remote employer branding tips to succeed in recruiting and retaining the best employees?

Virtual Stand-up Meeting Tips to Make the Most of Your Team Calls

Virtual stand-ups are an essential part of every team’s agenda. But how do you engage participants and make the most out of them?

How To Run Effective Sales Meetings That Keep Your Team Engaged

Most sales meetings derail your team and affect productivity. Here are practical steps to run effective sales meetings.

Effective Team Meetings: 8 Tips to Lead Successful Remote Meetings

Every remote team manager should seek to master the art of leading effective team meetings. Here’s how to achieve that.

10 Schedule Coordination Tips for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Arranging a meeting by sending a carrier pigeon is no longer in fashion. Here are 10 up-to-date schedule coordination tips.

164. Disintermediation Skip the Middleman and Build Your Own Platform

Disintermediation refers to eliminating the middleman and allows people and companies to sell directly to their customers. Here’s how you can do it.

Team Branding - 6 Unique Strategies for Branding Your Remote Team

Maintaining a strong team brand and cohesive culture might be challenging. Here are some tips and tricks and leading examples.

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How to Receive Payments for Meetings with 3veta and Stripe

3veta is a Stripe Verified Partner. Through our integration with Stripe, you can charge for meetings, create payment links, manage invoices, and issue refunds.

How to Appoint and Conduct Online Meetings More Efficiently

Conducting online meetings effectively has become a valuable skill after the pandemic forced companies to transition to remote work.

How Small Business Scheduling Software Can Help You Thrive

Small business scheduling software solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Here’s how you can benefit from using one.

How to Manage a Remote Team: 6 Tips and Best Practices

Managing a remote team doesn’t have to be rocket science. Here are 6 useful tips on how to deal with work-from-home challenges.

7 Established Post-Pandemic Workplace Trends

The work environment has dramatically changed throughout these two years. Have a look at these 7 post-pandemic workplace trends.

What’s Asynchronous Collaboration and How to Master It

Discover how asynchronous collaboration can help your remote team be more productive and efficient in the new virtual setup.

Hybrid Work Schedule – The New Trend Among Organizations

Mystery solved: hybrid work schedule – what is it, how does it work, and would it be beneficial to your team?

8 Diversity Recruiting Strategies To Bolster Hybrid Workforce

Say no to bias. Inject these 8 diversity recruiting strategies that will help you attract and onboard culture-fit candidates.

6 virtual background apps for video conferencing

How to hide your messy room during video calls? Choose a professional virtual background for video conferencing and remote meetings.

Hybrid Meetings Best Practices - 8 Tips for Efficient Team Meetings

If planning and running efficient hybrid team meetings seem daunting, have a look at these 8 hybrid meetings best practices.

Why You Need a Remote Work Plan and How to Develop One

Planning to continue to work remotely? Here's what a good remote work plan includes and why you need one.

154. 6 best practices for remote workforce management

Becoming an expert in remote workforce management requires a variety of skills and strategies to help you lead your team to success.

153. Online Consulting - How to Start your Online Consulting Business the Right Way

Online consulting is a great opportunity for all domain experts looking to start working for themselves. Here's where to start.

150. How to build an effective team culture in 9 easy steps

Team culture is one of the biggest predictors of a team achieving greatness. Here are 9 tips on perfecting your team culture.

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Monthly Digest: What's new on the 3veta platform in July 2022

127. How to run a successful virtual team

Virtual teams are the new normal. Today’s technology has allowed almost all teams to become virtual. But how to manage a fully virtual team?

142. Safety tips for working from home

Remote work has its flaws that might pose a threat. Here are 11 safety tips to avoid complications when working from home.

149. Meet the Team - Yavor

From a table tennis champion through freelancing to a full-stack developer at 3veta. This is the story of Yavor Belakov.

148. 8 internal communication best practices for hybrid teams

Internal communication is essential for hybrid teams, but it can be challenging to get it right. Here are some best practices to achieve it.

147. 7 Tips on How to Easily Manage a Remote Sales Team

Looking for ways to manage a remote sales team? Here are some pro tips from an experienced Sales Team Lead to try.

How to avoid micromanaging your remote workers

Micromanagement is a remote work deal-breaker. Here's why it's a bad idea and how it affects employee morale and productivity.

145. How to Build an Effective Generation Z Remote Team

Creating an effective and healthy work environment for Generation Z employees involves identifying their key retention drivers.

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21 meeting management software examples for remote workers

In today’s business environment virtual meetings are essential, so what are the top-performing meeting management software for remote workers?

143. Mastering Synchronous & Asynchronous Communication

Mastering synchronous and asynchronous is about understanding their pros and cons and how they came to be. Let's explore them together.

141. 8 Essential Project Collaboration Tips for Hybrid Teams

Great project collaboration is the best predictor of the success of a project. Here are 8 tips on how to achieve it in a hybrid work model.

140. Benefits of Hybrid Workplace How to Transition to a Hybrid Team

The benefits of hybrid workspace are undisputable: from better work-life balance to much lower costs. Here's how to take advantage of them.

139. How to Reduce Costs at the Workplace by Integrating Hybrid Work

Whether it is saving you rent and utility payments, a hybrid work model can help you significantly reduce your costs.

138. Virtual Project Management How to Organize Your Remote Team

Project managers had to adapt to being "virtual project managers" exclusively. Here's what you need to know about being a successful one.

120. Virtual Team Meeting Etiquette – The Do’s and Don’ts

Attention, home office soldiers! Here's what's required to bring your professional appearance to another level.

136. Remote and Hybrid Work Policies 8 Tips to Increase Employee Efficiency

Having clear working policies on remote or hybrid work models is essential to ensure your team knows what is expected of them.

134. How to Motivate Your Team Remotely - 8 employee motivation ideas

If you're a business owner or team manager, you may be wondering how to motivate your team remotely and keep them aligned and happy.

124. 7 types of virtual meetings – how to host successful video calls

Virtual meetings are the core of almost all online businesses. Depending on their nature and frequency, we put them into different categories.

132. Virtual Team-Building - 9 Activities to Spice Up Your Remote Workplace

Running a remote team requires you to have a couple of virtual team-building activities to keep team members engaged and motivated.

133. Managing Hybrid Teams Best Practices You Need To Lead a Hybrid Team

Managing hybrid teams is all about setting the right processes and empowering your team with the right tools from the beginning. Here's how to get ready.

131. Synchronous vs Asynchronous Communication for Remote and Hybrid Teams

The more we work from home, the more sync work has been replaced by async. Here’s when to choose synchronous vs asynchronous as a remote or hybrid team.

130. Building A Culture Of Mentorship While Remote

With the growing remote work trend, establishing a remote mentoring culture is key to company success.

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126. 14 Tips for Boosting Employee Engagement in Remote Teams

Wrong workplace policies may negatively affect motivation but with the right approach, you can boost your remote team's engagement.

125. Distributed Teams 5 Tips for Managing Distributed Teams Like a Pro

Managing distributed teams implies juggling between time zones and cultures. But with a solid system you can learn to manage distributed teams effectively.

115. Meet the Team - Interview with Ivo - Ivan Vaptsarov

From pro basketball to project management for all company sizes. This is Ivan Vaptsarov - the guy with a framework in his pocket for all occasions in life.