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The Best 8 Apps for Psychologists

6 min read
Psychologists, therapists, and wellness coaches have all dedicated themselves to helping people, but who helps them in return? Here are the best 7 apps for psychologists that work from home.
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Every professional that accounts for the well-being of others bears huge responsibility and that’s why it is important to discuss all the possible tools that could ease their burden.

In this article, we will be focusing on 7 of the best apps for psychologists who are working from home:

We are well aware that the home office is yet another challenge that’s on the way of every successful business nowadays. And we’ll give you a hint on how to make use of technology in your favor!

Let’s get to know 3veta

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3veta is one of many consultant scheduling software on the market but the platform stands out from the rest with its attractive design and the combination of all the features that home-based entrepreneurs might be looking for.

And we’re not making grand statements just to lure you into subscribing because we always back up our claims and we actually care for your business.

In fact, you can use all of our features without purchasing a subscription plan. We’ve given you this opportunity because we want to make sure that we’re compatible before jumping into a long-term relationship!

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Everything that you should know and be reminded of will be present in your calendar which integrates with other platforms that you might be using and combines all the information in one place.

Worried about no-shows? We have that covered by sending out reminders and notifications so that everyone is up-to-date and there’s no miscommunication.

💡 Pro tip

Looking for a way to schedule patients effectively? You can create your booking page, set your working hours, create events, and let your clients book sessions. Simple as that.

As a therapist, you’ll probably want to document your client’s progress. We offer you the ability to take notes during sessions and keep everything organized. Knowing your patients is a must, after all.

Tired of sending invoices and reminding clients that they haven’t paid yet? This struggle is non-existent on our platform because we partnered up with Stripe so that we could provide you with secure online payments.

In addition, you can create your website with our help and put your logo in there as well! This will be your own space where you can introduce yourself and display your offerings.

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Quenza is an excellent online therapy app because it provides psychologists and counselors with an easy way to create forms, exercises, quizzes, and surveys.

Professionals can personalize and save different activities as templates and make them available for their clients.

One of their best features is that they send out notifications to the practitioners on how their clients are progressing and this allows psychologists to plan better their intervention strategy according to the individual’s needs.

Also, the app is eager to provide its services securely and with a maximum level of discretion meaning that all data gathered during the sessions with a patient is absolutely private.


TalkSpace has a free version as well as a paid one. It’s up to you whether you want to help others in your free time or make it your regular source of income.

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It relies on an algorithm that connects you with clients based on their needs; it could be a one-time session to let off the steam or a subscription for an ongoing online therapy plan.

The app also offers a mentorship program which means that you’ll be trained on how to use the platform by fellow therapists that are already on board.

Another bonus is that they handle the paperwork that could be associated with private practitioners and that could be very annoying if you’re all by yourself.


If you are looking for a platform that provides you with a secure and HIPAA-compliant environment to talk to your clients and adhere to the APA’s teletherapy practices, Amwell is a good choice.

The conversations you’ll be having with your clientele will be completely secure and you’ll be able to grant your patients’ right to privacy.

Make sure that you have the right certification for the services you want to offer because Amwell is very strict on that matter and checks thoroughly whether you have a valid and adequate license.

One important feature is that your clients will be able to pay through their insurance providers. This is quite important because it will expand your range of clients; therapy is usually a long-term process and could be quite expensive.


DemandForce is an all-in-one automated platform that helps therapists to manage their practice efficiently. The platform offers a range of tools and features, including online scheduling, appointment reminders, reputation management, and marketing automation.

Overall, it’s a great practice management platform that can help psychologists to streamline their operations and provide high-quality services to their clients.


ReGain is one of the best apps for psychologists because it offers good video therapy sessions meaning that therapists can meet remotely with their patients in real time.

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It’s usually focused on couple counseling and connects you with clients on a random basis. The algorithm automatically decides who you should be working with, for better or for worse.

The users of the platform are asked to pay a weekly fee to be able to request a session with you. However, there is also the possibility of offering different plans with a limited or unlimited number of private sessions.

Like many other apps for psychologists, ReGain also requires proper certification from its therapists.


If you are more interested in practice management and client communication, then you should consider joining the SimplePractice team.

This app for psychologists offers appointment scheduling, electronic health record, and electronic medical record. You’ll be able to easily organize and securely store all your client’s data. Apart from that, they also have very good billing capabilities.

The platform is usually used by mental health professionals and speech therapists because it doesn’t support e-Prescribing.


What’s good about TheraNest is that the app supports all the essentials needed for a seamless therapy workflow.

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Its list of features includes electronic health records, calendar and scheduling, billing, payroll, and staff management options if needed.

One other addition to the list of pros is that there’s also a mobile app that gives you the opportunity to be more flexible with your working locations. You can use it to take notes during sessions or send out reminders to decrease the number of no-shows.

Final notes

The best app for psychologists will have to consider all your professional needs. You, on the other hand, will have to consider all the features that your online therapy practice might require and look for the best solution available.

The best decision is a well-informed decision so we hope that we managed to help you on that matter.

Working from a home office doesn’t seem like a challenge anymore, does it?