3veta App for Slack

Use the 3veta App for Slack to see your calendar events, join 3veta meetings, automatically receive reminders for upcoming events, and launch new 3veta meetings directly from Slack.

The 3veta App is truly the best way to continue working in 3veta without leaving your chat in Slack.

Add to Slack
3veta Command /3veta

Create instant meetings

Never leave Slack to create new meetings with your colleagues. Simply write the appropriate command and instantly create a meeting room which both you and colleagues can join. 


Create meetings in the 3veta web app and see them in Slack

Easily create new meetings in the 3veta web app.

Every meeting you create will be automatically shown in your Slack dashboard.

Receive notification reminders for created meetings in Slack (see below).


Create a new meeting in the 3veta web app
Slack GIF3

Receive notifications about upcoming events right in Slack

It is easy to lose yourself in your work. 

However, with the 3veta notifications directly in Slack there will be no more missed meetings.

And no more excuses from your colleagues for ‘not knowing when and where the meeting was’.

The notifications are connected directly with the calendar events in Slack so your team will also have the appropriate link directly from the notification. 

Check your calendar events

Check your calendar events directly from Slack and join 3veta meetings without ever leaving the app.

Get your full calendar view inside Slack.

Select future and past dates and view all relevant information about the respective calendar events.


3veta Slack App see your events