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Best Local Recording Apps For Zoom in 2023

According to a recent YouGov study, 43% of Americans are employed in a job that allows remote work. Remote working provides workers with greater control over their schedules, less time commuting, and lower costs. But you can’t always be in the meeting, can you? In these cases, you must resort to recorded meetings. If you are looking for lowering costs related to this, you may want to look into local recordings.Here’s the most comprehensive list of local recording apps for Zoom in 2023!

Best Local Recording Apps For Zoom in 2023

LiveSmart Video chat

Live Smart Video Chat is a chat plugin, which also has a simple and easy video conferencing WordPress Plugin. You can embed a video button on any part of your website directly. Visitors just need to click on the button to start a free video or audio call with you. If you prefer scheduled calls, you can also invite them for a call by sending an email invitation from your Gmail or Outlook, which will be instantly created in Live Smart Video Chat’s “contacts” section.



Loom is a smart video recorder that lets you record quick videos of your screen and camera, so you don’t have to talk over what you’re trying to show. It lets you cut down meetings by 29%, so you can spend more time doing what matters. Loom is a global leader in asynchronous video communication.