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Best Video Conferencing Software With CNAME in 2023

Have you ever dreamed of running your own video conferencing software on your own website on your own domain? Well, that’s actually not too hard to achieve. There are software out there that give you the option to use a CNAME record and fulfil your dream. Here’s the most comprehensive list of video conferencing software with CNAME in 2023!

Best Video Conferencing Software With CNAME in 2023



MeetFox is an all-in-one tool for managing your business online. With MeetFox you can schedule meetings, host video calls, and collect payments all in one place. There are flexible payment options, powerful collaboration tools, and best-in-class security. In 2022, Meetfox got acquired by Sendinblue.



MegaMeeting is an online video conferencing tool. It allows you to host high-quality conferences, webinars, and live broadcasts while making the whole process easy, reliable and predictable. The MegaMeeting platform contains all the necessary tools to run a successful meeting including registration, live meetings with multiple participants and recording capabilities.



With Vectera, you can power your customer-facing teams to be more productive and build trust with customers. Powerful scheduling, exclusive branded meetings, and simple support help you take care of the basics so your team can focus on building relationships with customers and prospects. Vectera got acquired by Teamleader in 2022.