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Best Wordpress Video Conferencing Plugins in 2022

With more companies and freelancers preferring remote work, video conferencing has become a key communication tool in today’s daily work routine. Even though there are various video conferencing tools available, if you are using WordPress you may have some different requirements.Here’s the most comprehensive list of WordPress video conferencing plugins in 2022!

Best Wordpress Video Conferencing Plugins in 2022



Consolto is a web-based chat software designed to deliver services remotely through chat or web conferencing. Powered by VoIP and WebRTC technologies, Consolto allows you to start a service from any place in the world. It also provides a collaboration tool for distributed teams and allows them to communicate in real-time.

LiveSmart Video chat

Live Smart Video Chat is a chat plugin, which also has a simple and easy video conferencing WordPress Plugin. You can embed a video button on any part of your website directly. Visitors just need to click on the button to start a free video or audio call with you. If you prefer scheduled calls, you can also invite them for a call by sending an email invitation from your Gmail or Outlook, which will be instantly created in Live Smart Video Chat’s “contacts” section.


RumbleTalk is a group chat platform for websites and virtual events. You can quickly set up and connect with your audience using smartly-designed chat tools like polls, queued messages, video calls, and Q&A sessions with the click of a button. RumbleTalk will help you establish clear lines of communication where every member of your group can get involved in meaningful conversations that drive real business results. RumbleTalk also features a WordPress plugin for those interested in embedding video conferencing on their WordPress websites.



Webcamconsult is a secure and simple solution to consult with your patients by video consultation. Webcamconsult allows you to provide patients with appointments at the time they need, completely online. It provides great flexibility and availability while reducing cost on travel expenses. Finally, there is also a WordPress plugin that you can use to embed the video conferencing on your website.