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What is Virtual Co-Working and How to Start Practicing it?

6 min read
Working from home requires a lot of self-discipline in terms of productivity. You can manage your time better if you have online buddies that help you stay on track.
90. What is virtual co-working and how to start practicing it-min

In the modern times we live in, almost all of our communication and work processes happen over the Internet. This is the so-called remote work or sometimes, telework, that allows you to be anywhere in the world, choose your working hours, be your own boss, and manage your business entirely online.

However, working from home can also be the reason for a lot of trouble such as dealing with loneliness, distractions, and lack of motivation as well as picking up unproductive habits.

To solve all of the professional challenges mentioned above, we present to you the idea of virtual co-working.

What is virtual co-working?

Virtual co-working consists of the idea of getting as close as possible to recreating the real-life office environment. Be a part of a community, work together with your buddies, give each other updates, or share your experience.

90. What is virtual co-working and how to start practicing it-1

Imagine being in the same room with a bunch of co-workers or teammates; each one of you is focused on your own task and you all stimulate each other to be productive. The only difference is that the place you work in is a video meeting room hosted online.

You all have your projects to organize, tasks to complete, and emails to respond to, and it’s easier to get it all done when you are under social pressure.

Normally, you’d take a short break after some time, let’s say after 30 minutes of hard, concentrated work. You can chat for a while or use the time to refresh yourself.

After a few breaks, you’ll do a short update on what you’ve completed so far and what’s left for you to do.

This induces the feeling of accountability, meaning that you wouldn’t want to say in front of everyone that you spent 2 hours scrolling on Instagram reels instead of checking things off your to-do list.

Why should you consider joining/creating a virtual co-working space?

If we haven’t been able to persuade you enough that virtual co-working is a good idea for every home-based professional, then you probably prefer to work alone and you don’t want to give up on your independence.

90. What is virtual co-working and how to start practicing it-2

But! Hear us out, there are so many possibilities for virtual co-working that you might enjoy.

For instance, you may all work separately but still join:

  • online coffee/lunch breaks for a chit-chat
  • meditation sessions to open your chakras
  • stretch sessions to hear those bones crack
  • book clubs for the intellectual ones
  • or check-in meetings to see how others are doing and maybe ask for a piece of advice.

And because we feel extra generous today and we want you to be 100% convinced how great of an idea virtual co-working space is, here are a few more pros on the subject:

  • Virtual spaces are cheaper than actual offices, easier to manage, and safer for your health (considering the ongoing pandemic we’re all so fed up with and the on-and-off regulations imposed by the government).
  • You’ll be able to engage more with your international colleagues and make them feel a part of the team even if they are overseas. The distance won’t be an issue anymore, all of you will be able to gather and work together in the same place. Not to mention how fun it is to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds and see their perspectives.
  • Last but not least, you’ll feel more energized after meeting people. We all know how tiring it is to be in front of the screen all day long. Well, someone cracking a joke from time to time or asking how you’ve been doing makes it a lot more enjoyable.

How to employ effectively virtual co-working spaces?

Now, that’s a very good question. There are many video conferencing platforms on the market but not all of them are efficient.

Take Zoom, for example, it allows breakout rooms, it offers decent video/audio quality and chat options. But, unless you pay, you’ll only have 40 minutes to meet with your colleagues.

Although this might seem enough for a short coffee session, what if it cuts you off in the middle of your ‘goodbye and have a nice day’ sentence, or what if you use the platform to work together and you spend hours on it?

It’s annoying and inconvenient for the purpose of virtual co-working.

Let’s look at 3veta. The platform is designed for aspiring home-based entrepreneurs that need all of their business essentials in one place. So, if you spend approximately 2 minutes and 25 seconds to register (yes, I used the timer), you’ll see that there is a payment section where you can charge for your meetings and a customer section where you can see all the people you meet with.

If you’re not interested in that, no biggie. With 3veta you can create meeting links for seconds and send those to up to 100 people if you wish, or set up meeting rooms and let others join you.

90. What is virtual co-working and how to start practicing it-3

Alternatively, you can go for permanent meeting rooms.

90. What is virtual co-working and how to start practicing it-4

And since we love to give you the opportunity to make it more personal and cozy, you can customize your meeting and choose your background.

90. What is virtual co-working and how to start practicing it-5

What else, you may ask? No time limits, high-quality video, and audio streaming. The ability to display YouTube videos in the meeting itself, record the session, or live stream it.

You can also create your booking page, set your availability, and get booked for one-on-one sessions in case some of your co-workers wish to discuss something with you personally.

This way you’ll skip the annoying back-and-forth emailing or texting to pick a time slot suitable for both of you and schedule a meeting.

You’ll see all of your upcoming events on your calendar and you can connect it to other platforms you may be using so that all of your activities are shown in one place.

Let’s recap

Virtual co-working is awesome, 3veta is awesome. Combine them both and you get extra awesomeness.

Jokes aside, virtual co-working makes the work process more efficient and diverse indeed. So, we seriously recommend it to you.

It could be employed by big companies, by small businesses, and even by schools and universities, because its main purpose could be as different as night and day but its focus is on bringing people together even when they are apart.