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The Best 10 Apps for Online Tutors in 2023

9 min read
Virtual tutoring is an excellent venture if you are a teacher. Here are the best apps for online tutors to help you kick this off.
84. The Best 10 apps for Online Tutors in 2022

It’s so easy to become an online tutor nowadays. You can start right away as long as you have some experience in or a certification for a particular field.

Even students could do it as a side job to make some extra money.

However, as with everything online, you should be more quite organized.

Technology is on your side you just need to choose the best apps for tutors that will take the technical and administrative stuff off your hands.

What is a tutoring app?

Tutoring apps are mobile applications or web platforms that help teachers to offer, schedule, and host online classes.

There is a huge variety of tutoring tools out there that offer basic functionality and limited customization.

However, some of the best tutoring tools will allow you to list your services online, create a booking page, schedule classes, host video call sessions, and last but not least, use your branding.

So, if you want to start a tutoring business (as an independent tutor or as an online tutoring marketplace owner), it’s important to choose a tutoring app that will include all the necessary features you might need, and more.

Online tutoring is no longer a side hustle.

If you are a knowledgeable person and feel confident to share that knowledge with others, or you are a teacher and want to broaden your teaching skills online, here are some of the best online tutoring apps and tools that’ll help you become a successful tutor.

1. 3veta

Virtual tutors mainly rely on video calls to meet with their students and that’s the first on our list is a video conferencing app with Full HD video quality.

3veta is a great way to get your tutoring business out there. With 3veta you can create a website (or a simple booking page) and start getting booked for lessons in less than 10 minutes.

💡 Pro tip

Tutor students 1:1 or in groups with 3veta – easy scheduling, branded video meetings, and one-click payments.

If you are using a calendar, it could be connected to the system, so you have everything neatly organized in one place.

Either way, you must make sure you’ve got some scheduling capability in place.

Best tutoring apps 2023 - manage and share your availability

Additionally, 3veta has some great features that facilitate the teaching process online and keep you in control at all times. Screen sharing on all devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile.

You can even share your screen or share videos from YouTube that will be directly displayed in the video call. You can do that by copying & pasting the YouTube link in the designated slot.

You can also chat with your attendees and create polls during the meeting.

If you feel like adding a virtual background to create a more special setting or just pretending to be in the middle of the Alps, 3veta’s got you.

84. The Best 10 apps for Online Tutors in 2022-3

As soon as you register with 3veta, you can create meetings and share the links with others.

You can also improve track of student history and keep notes to get to know your students better.

Most importantly, 3veta provides you with a seamless and secure way to receive payment directly in your bank account. You can decide to charge your students before each lesson or for a whole course.

With 3veta you can organize both 1-to-1 lessons, as well as workshops and webinars for larger groups.

2. Preply

Preply is another great tutoring platform. It also allows you to start offering your services as soon as you are successfully registered.

You can set your hourly rate and modify it anytime you want. Also, you’ll be able to set your availability and the platform doesn’t pose any obligations in terms of your schedule.

Their mantra is “Be your own boss!”. Meaning that your workdays can be as flexible as you want.

Another useful feature that you’ll probably find helpful is training sessions. The platform organizes webinars to help you develop your professional skills and grow your business.

The Preply team is proud of its interactive classrooms, convenient payment methods, and supportive community.

You won’t be required to submit any proof of certification or previous experience! They welcome everyone who wants to share their knowledge and wisdom.

💡 Pro tip

Scheduling online tutoring classes and hosting video calls will be an important part of your business. Having your own tutoring platform that features everything you need will help you scale your business with ease. Furthermore, it will save you time and money and will make it much easier to organize your work.

3. Kahoot

Kahoot! is an amazing tool for gamifying the process of learning and making it more fun and organized. You can create compelling quizzes and host them live over video conferencing.

84. The Best 10 apps for Online Tutors in 2022-4

It is suitable for students from all age groups; from kindergarteners to university students, Kahoot! successfully engages everyone with the study material.

You can integrate it with your lessons by sharing your screen with the conferencing tool you’re using and displaying different questions to the attendees.

You can decide to set the timer for each question or encourage accuracy over speed by turning it off, it’s all up to you.

Students will be able to play at home, while, their teacher observes their progress in real-time.

4. Teachable

Teachable is the perfect app for all tutors that want to create their own online school and sell their classes through on-demand video.

You’ll be free to create your courses the way you want and take advantage of the advanced marketing features of the app to increase your revenue. Their email marketing tool, for example, is famous for being top-notch.

The platform helps you create a website, customize your sales pages, and price your offerings accordingly.

Whether it is a one-time fee, a payment plan, or a subscription, Teachable handles seamlessly the payment process.

5. Skooli

Skooli is very similar to Preply as it is a virtual tutoring platform that connects teachers and students from all around the world based on their needs and offerings.

84. The Best 10 apps for Online Tutors in 2022-5

It is important to mention that Skooli values everyone’s safety and before you begin working with them you’ll have to prove that you’ve obtained a bachelor’s diploma in the field, have a license, or an instructor qualification.

Once you are verified, you’ll gain full access to features. Some of them include video conferencing, online chat, screen sharing, an interactive whiteboard, and unlimited Google Drive access.

Your students will be able to book you in advance for a one-on-one session or request instant help if you’re available at the moment.

What differentiates Skooli from the others is that there are no subscriptions or monthly payments available for students. Your clients will be asked to pay per minute or purchase a tutoring plan for a set of hours to save money.

6. Padlet

Padlet is a representative of the so-called productivity software. It can be the perfect outlet for your creativity and it can spice up your presentations, your notes, and your overall tutoring practices!

Image Padlet is a clear ‘plate’ that you can fill up with multiple documents, videos, posts, and images and share with your students. You can also make it collaborative and allow others to contribute to this virtual space.

You can determine who sees the ‘plate’ by setting a password, making it private or open for everybody to see.

Padlet could be used for free but you’ll have a limited number of ‘plates’ and a cap on the files you’ll be uploading. However, there are available plans for teachers and schools with extended offerings.

7. Quizizz

In case you’re into interactive teaching and you want to keep your students’ attention for longer (we all know how short the attention span of students is) – Quizizz allows you to create eye-catching quizzes to work with.

84. The Best 10 apps for Online Tutors in 2022-6

Students will be able to see questions and answers on their own screen, meaning that there’s no need for you to share the screen during video classes unless you want to.

That’s why the platform offers the perfect solution for live quizzes and polls even if tutors and students work apart.

The grading is not an absolute must but if you want to check on your student’s performance, the app will do it automatically.

8. MyTutor

MyTutor is another good app for tutors because it handles all your appointments, new bookings, and keeps track of the assignments you’ve given.

It organizes all the administrative stuff related to the tutoring profession and makes sure to keep you posted about past, current, and future events.

Students can also benefit from the app and search for available educators according to their preferred time slot. If you have been booked, the app will send you a notification and you can either accept the invitation or decline it.

You should give it a try if you’re struggling with your productivity and you’re looking for an efficient tool to help you sort out your calendar.

9. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a software that focuses on building a community that could be in a form of paid groups, events, and online courses.

84. The Best 10 apps for Online Tutors in 2022-7

You can make use of it by selling individual courses or community packages. And you can charge for the latter by offering a one-time entry payment or a subscription. The required amount is entirely up to you.

You can incite conversations and it is a great substitute for social media groups that are oftentimes not as efficient as we want to because of the bubble that the algorithm creates around users.

Mighty Networks stands out from the rest of the apps because while others are concentrated on hosting content, this platform is all about community. As they state on their website, “students have a place that’s fully integrated with the course material where they can find encouragement and support, challenge and hold each other accountable, and share each other’s wins”.

Isn’t that great?

10. Explain Everything

Explain Everything provides you with an interactive whiteboard that you can customize and personalize as you wish. You can share the code with fellow teachers or students and collaborate on your masterpiece.

You can share presentations, spreadsheets, documents, images, videos, audio, and all types of files, draw, sketch, mix, and rearrange the content.

Furthermore, you can edit the images, and screencast to explain something or add your own narration, animate, and render videos in the cloud.

There is a free version of the app that allows up to 3 projects that you can try out to explore the features. But if you wish to upgrade there are also options for teachers and schools.

We’ve thought about everything

Video conferencing in education is not going away any time soon. 

Even if you feel hesitant about tutoring online, or you feel like you are not tech-savvy enough to manage the virtual classroom, I hope that we’ve helped you a bit with our list of apps for tutors.

It is quite important to note that you don’t need to choose one! Instead, if you are in for the long game of online tutoring, you should take advantage of each of these tools.

Our advice is to combine scheduling software with a conferencing tool and a platform for better student engagement.

If you already have an existing student base and want to streamline it, your best bet is to start with 3veta.