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Product Update: Chat, One-way Meetings, and a Cozy Waiting Room

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First improvements are up and running!
Update di prodotto: Chat, meeting “a senso unico” e un’accogliente sala d’attesa

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This week we have added the first new improvements on 3veta.com.

Our meeting rooms now feature chat, one-way meetings and a waiting room.

What’s new

In a nutshell, we’ve got 3 new features:

  1. Chat
  2. One-way meetings
  3. Waiting room


First, and foremost, a much-awaited feature has been added to our meeting rooms – its majesty – the chat! 💬🙌

All attendees can now communicate via chat in the meeting room. Of course, the chat features a premium selection of emojis. 😁

Product Update Number 1: Chat feature added to video calls

📺 One-way meetings

When creating a new meeting, you will now notice that there is a new option available – a meeting with up to 35 people! 💃

To cater to providers who need to broadcast to wider audiences, we created a new kind of meeting room. It serves as a one-way communication channel, meaning only the service provider has active video and audio.

This ensures no noise and distraction during the translation, leading to more effective broadcasting and ensures outstanding quality.

Of course, we have not limited all the customers communication channels – the chat option is there if anyone want to drop a comment, which shows up Live! On the providers’ screen. Live comments ensure the provider sees all incoming communication, even if they are broadcasting a yoga class and are a few meters away from their screen. 🧘‍♀️

One-way meetings where your clients are not allowed to speak

🛋️ Waiting room

Last, but not least – the waiting room! It serves as… well, a waiting room 🛋️😊 In which clients can wait in a cozy environment for the provider to start their meeting and providers can admit or communicate with clients.

In the waiting room both clients and providers can test technical set up – camera, microphone, and audio, in a friendly and welcoming setting. It also features a chat, in which providers can send a note to their clients, in case there is a delay, or communicate anything else in advance of the meeting to anyone who is still in the waiting room.

Waiting room for customers

With these updates providers can now serve up to 35 people, both providers and clients can communicate via chat and prepare for their meeting in the best possible environment.

Waiting room for providers

We can’t wait to hear what you think about these improvements!

For all bug reports, feel free to contact us at team@3veta.com.

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CTO at 3veta

Iskren is the CTO of 3veta.com. He is an Oxford graduate, instructor on Udemy with more than 400,000 students, former head of R&D for multiple start-ups, and software developer for an international trading company. If this isn't enough, he is also a published researcher in the peer-reviewed Quantum Science and Technology journal.