Product Update: Customize your Meeting Room

13/5/2021.2 min read

You have already created your website, added a logo and customized it – now it’s time to spice up your meeting room as well!

33. Product update May - Meeting Room Customization

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Customizable meeting room

Enough soulless meetings – it is time to customize your meeting room and truly make it yours!

Here’s what you can do with

  • Customize your background
  • Add your own logo
33. Product update - customize meeting room

You can customize your background by choosing any of the countless readily available images from Unsplash or upload your own! From sandy beaches to your personal branded designs – the opportunities are endless!

Add your logo and clients will immediately know they are dealing with a professional, who invests and believes in their brand. 

And what is more important than personal branding nowadays?

We would love to hear your thoughts about this new feature.

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