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Product Update: New Look and Feel!

4 min read
We’ve got a dazzling new facelift!
Update di prodotto: nuovo look!

There’s a more recent product update!

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Latest and greatest on 3veta.com is our fantastic new look, an added feedback form and a small New Year’s delight! 💫

Short and sweet

Here are the updates:

  • New look and feel
  • Feedback form
  • New Year’s pie

New look and feel

Lo and behold, the new look and feel are here! 3veta.com is more beautiful than ever before! 😍

We have created a world of dashing colors and subtle gradients, bold typography and playful visual elements. But why am I even explaining this when a picture is worth a thousand words!

Just log in and have a look yourself! 👀

Product Update: New look and feel - dashboard

Feedback form

Your meeting went great? Fantastic, we are so glad! 🌟

Or this time not so much? We see you’ve had some issues? 😦

Fear not, either way you can now tell us all about it through the feedback form! 📯

The feedback form appears at the end of each meeting, for both providers and customers alike. It asks just a few simple questions to which you need to provide your rating. And in case you are not sufficiently satisfied with the quality of your video call, you can formally let us know!

Product Update: New look and feel - feedback form


Banitsa is one of the most traditional Bulgarian pies. Every grandma has her own recipe for one! 👵 🥧

But we cooked up the first digital one! It is traditionally shared between family on New Year’s or Christmas and each slice contains a fortune (think about it as the Bulgarian equivalent of fortune cookies).

As meeting family and friends is tough in times of COVID-19, we wanted to recreate the experience and bring everyone together again.

If you want to check it out (although at the wrong time of the year), just follow this link!

Head over to check out the new design of our platform and give us your feedback! You can now do this directly from the feedback form on the platform at the end of each meeting as well! 

For all bug reports and suggestions, feel free to contact us at team@3veta.com.

About the author
CTO at 3veta

Iskren is the CTO of 3veta.com. He is an Oxford graduate, instructor on Udemy with more than 400,000 students, former head of R&D for multiple start-ups, and software developer for an international trading company. If this isn't enough, he is also a published researcher in the peer-reviewed Quantum Science and Technology journal.