Product Update: Transactional E-mails!

7/1/2021.2 min read

Transactional e-mails are flying into your inbox! 📬

Product update - transactional e-mails

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This week we have added transactional e-mails to the 3veta platform. 📩

What’s great about that?

Thanks to transactional e-mails you will never miss another:

  • Client’s payment (as a provider)
  • Payment receipt (as a customer)
  • Meeting information (both as a provider and a customer)
  • Person waiting in the meeting room (as a provider)

📩Transactional e-mails

The old but gold e-mail comes to save the day! 📧

Any time a client pays for an upcoming meeting or is already waiting for you in the waiting room – you will receive an e-mail. This e-mail will include all significant information about the event and will help you keep up to speed with your business request.

Get ready for an influx of new client requests, payments and meetings in your inbox!
E-mails are not only meant to fly into your inbox! You can also drop us on with your feedback on how we can improve our service at