Product Update: Website builder!

9/2/2021.5 min read

Our long-awaited website builder is finally here!

Product update Website builder

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We are excited to announce that we have created the simplest website builder available out there and it is live on! 🎉

Website builder

Build your own website in just 3 simple steps:

  • Pick look and feel
  • Enter your information
  • Add your services

🎨 Pick look and feel

Pick between our fabulous templates, each coming with their own color palette. Our design team has made sure there is no wrong choice.

There is also a wide variety of fonts to pick from. Whether you want to be dead serious 💀 or extra funky 🦄, it entirely depends on your personality and your business.

To make it a 💯 you, add photos of yourself or your business. 🤳

Don’t have any? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our integration with Unsplash allows you to choose between 2+ million highest quality royalty free images for your website. 🤯

3veta website builder - look and feel

👉 Enter your information

Time to make your website all about YOU! 🌟

Once you are done with the overall look and feel, proceed to the Services, content, and branding.

Here is the place where you can tell your prospective clients more about yourself and your business.

Include the name of your business and yourself, your story, your expertise, and anything else that is compelling and relevant to your practice.

To be extra professional, don’t forget to add your logo! 🍏

3veta website builder - your information

🌈 Add your services

Last, but definitely not least – time to add services.

Once prospective clients have been impressed with the visual appeal of your website and convinced by your story and description, it is time for them to see what great service(s) you have to offer.

Adding a new service requires just a couple of clicks. Tell it in your own words, include a visual component and you are almost ready to launch! 🚀

If a client is interested in a service and clicks on it, it sends them off to the contact form where they can inquire about it. You will receive all inquiries directly on your e-mail.

3veta website builder - services

Finally, to publish your website, you need to give it a unique name – yours or your businesses’, it’s up to you. Upon completing that step, what is left is to approve or edit the Terms & Conditions we have already prepared for you, so you are fully compliant as a provider, and you are good to go! Congrats! 🎇

Time to build your website in practically no time at all. The simplest and most fun website builder is finally here! 🎮🧩🥳

We would love to hear your thoughts about it. Drop us a line at to tell is if you enjoyed the process as much as we do, how long it took you and what was your favourite part! 😊