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15 Therapy Scheduling Software for Your Online Practice (Free & Paid)

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If you are a therapist offering private sessions, you need to see these 15 therapy scheduling software.
11 Therapy Scheduling Software to help you organize your online practice

The world is advancing each and every day, which means the way many people prefer to receive services is changing.

Following the events of the last 2 years, you’ve probably decided on making your schedule available online. After all, telehealth is not a new concept, and offering your therapy services online will bring you only benefits.

If you want to be a successful therapist and help even more people, you’re going to need to work remotely – at least some of the time.

It’s a great step forward to increase your client base and ensure that you can accommodate new patients.

One of the biggest challenges that all therapists face when working remotely is finding a client scheduling system that works for us.

Luckily, there are plenty of ready-to-use solutions out there for therapists to schedule appointments online.

Why use therapy scheduling software?

Therapy scheduling software allows your patients to easily book appointments with you directly through your website or booking page. They can see your availability and choose the right time slot that fits their schedule.

An online therapy scheduler also helps to prevent the inevitable back-and-forth emails for setting an appointment at a time convenient for both of you.

In other words, online scheduling software for therapists helps you offer your patients a simple way to schedule therapy appointments. And that means less admin work for you.

How to choose the best scheduling software for therapists?

I decided to embark on a quest to find the best therapy scheduling software, and I’ve come across several platforms worth checking out. Of course, it’s no easy feat to choose one over another, but I did my homework, so you don’t have to.

These 15 scheduling software solutions for therapists will enable you to save time and reduce stress in managing your online therapy practice.

1. 3veta

therapy Scheduling Software to help you organize your online practice

3veta is a great scheduling software for therapists who rely on video sessions and online appointments.

The platform is specifically designed for professionals looking to meet patients online, schedule and reschedule meetings, get booked, and receive payments fast and securely.

You can sync your preferred external calendar with 3veta to easily manage your availability.

Create a booking page and send your available time slots to anyone to let them easily book you at the time that best fits their schedule.

Schedule therapy sessions and organize your online therapy practice

With this smart instant scheduling feature, you’ll save tons of time and will be focusing on what you are best at – helping people.

Less admin work means more time for your patients.

In addition, you can add your name and logo to your booking page and meeting rooms for a more professional, personalized environment.

No installation is required for 3veta and all meetings happen in the browser, both for therapists and their patients.

3veta will cost you as little as 2 lattes at Starbucks – $10/person/month for the Starter plan (a transaction fee is applied only when you receive payments).

Key features 3veta offers:

💡 Pro tip

Provide your patients with an intuitive way to book appointments with you directly through your website or booking page. Try 3veta for free.

2. Amelia

Amelia is a user-friendly online appointment scheduler. While not necessarily a therapy scheduler, it makes sure your patients can book therapy sessions and pay online while you sleep. The only downside is that it’s a WordPress plugin. However, if your website is on WordPress you can benefit from all the features that come with Amelia for about $60/year for one domain.

Key features Amelia offers:

  • Calendar sync
  • Recurring appointments
  • SMS notifications
  • Zoom and Google Meet integration
  • Multi-user

3. Baluu

Baluu was designed with in-person events in mind from the ground up making it an excellent booking system for counselors and therapists.

Therapists can create events (e.g. couples therapy or family therapy), add their availability and then list them on their personalized, branded booking page in minutes.

81. Therapy Scheduling Software to help you organize your online practice-baluu

Customers can then book from a ready-made website (Baluu provides) or you can embed your events in an existing website (if you already have one). Baluu takes care of payments and makes admin a breeze. Re-organize appointments from the Baluu dashboard in a few clicks, your customers will be notified by the built-in CRM system automatically or they can simply log in and change their appointment manually.

Key features Baluu includes are:

  • Website builder 
  • Calendar sync 
  • Virtual events 
  • Multiple ticket/event options 
  • Custom forms (for required information)
  • Payment processing (accepts all major providers) 
  • Free plan available (max 50 bookings)

4. AppointmentPlus

AppointmentPlus allows patients to book therapy sessions on your website, whenever and from wherever they want. It also organizes all the patient information, including contacts, which makes it easy to find your clients.

The pricing starts at $49/month and goes up for the more advanced plans.

Key features AppointmentPlus offers:

  • Calendar sync
  • Recurring appointments
  • Email reminders
  • Website and Facebook calendar integration
  • Payment processing

5. Calendly

11 Therapy Scheduling Software to help you organize your online practice-2

Just like the rest of the scheduling apps on this list, Calendly allows you to sync your calendar and schedule appointments. While it’s not therapy scheduling software, it does a good job of helping you arrange online or offline meetings.

Calendly features a free Basic plan while the Premium will cost you $8/month. Higher pricing plans are available based on your business needs.

Key features Calendly offers:

  • Calendar sync
  • Team scheduling
  • Appointment reminders
  • Integrations
  • Easy embedding on your website
  • Multi-user
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android)

6. Fons

Like all booking software, Fons helps you slot in appointments with patients. It’s especially convenient for therapists who travel often because it adjusts to different time zones.

Fons syncs with your calendar app, lets you schedule appointments and shows only available time slots to your patients. Also, you can work solo or add more members to your team. Each member gets a login, a schedule, and an administrative role.

The pricing starts at $29.95/month for up to 5 users.

Key features Fons offers:

  • Automated payments
  • Calendar sync
  • Appointment reminders
  • Zoom integration
  • Multi-user

💡Pro tip

Create a booking page and brand it. That way you’ll give your therapy business a more professional look and feel and build trust with your clients. Furthermore, you’ll have a full overview of your availability.

7. Nuna

Nuna is a therapy scheduling software designed specifically for the needs of therapists and their patients.

Nuna’s appointment scheduling interface allows patients to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments with real-time alerts.

Besides online booking capabilities, Nuna has many other features that are beneficial for both patients and therapists.

Key features Nuna offers:

  • Calendar sync and video chat
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • No need to have your own website
  • Note-taking interface

8. SimplePractice

SimplePractice is a therapy scheduling software that allows you to go fully virtual. It features payment processing, insurance claim submission, electronic document storage for medical records and business documents, and online therapy notes.

Key features Simple Practice offers:

  • Calendar sync
  • Client billing
  • Appointment reminders
  • Website builder
  • Video calls (at additional cost)
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android)

9. Sprintful

Sprintful is an easy-to-use therapy scheduling software that offers flexibility and scalable pricing plans. Your patients can book therapy sessions directly from your booking page and receive personalized notifications afterward.

As an online therapy scheduler, Sprintful establishes a secure connection with your Zoom and Google Meet accounts so you can host video sessions.

As for the pricing, Sprintful offers a scalable pricing plan that starts at $9/month with some limitations and goes up to $49+ for all the features.

  • Calendar sync
  • Video calls
  • Appointment reminders
  • Payment processing
  • Group calls (at additional cost)
 11 Therapy Scheduling Software to help you organize your online practice-3

10. TheraNest

TheraNest is a practice management software for therapists and all kind of mental help professionals. It helps small and large practices create and organize one-on-one and group therapy sessions and recurring appointments. Moreover, TheraNest comes with a payment processing feature to help you get paid and a video call service.

TheraNest will cost you $39/month for up to 30 active patients and goes up accordingly.

Key features TheraNest offers:

  • Google Calendar or Apple iCal Sync
  • Video calls (at an additional cost starting at $12/month)
  • Client notes
  • Email reminders
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android)

11. Theraplatform

Theraplatform is a therapy practice management software that brings some interesting features. You can schedule private therapy sessions, bill patients, and host video calls. Furthermore, with Theraplatform you can take notes and securely keep them on the platform. Plus you can fill out consent and intake forms.

However, such an impressive list of features doesn’t come cheap. The Basic plan costs $39/month for one user. If you want to access more features it’s worth checking the Pro ($49/month) and Pro Plus ($59/month) plans.

Key features Theraplatform offers:

  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Video calls
  • Chat
  • Email reminders
  • Screen sharing (not included in the Basic plan)
  • Document sharing (not included in the Basic plan)

12. TherapyAppointment

TherapyAppointment is an ideal therapy scheduler for small practices as it comes with other useful features. It allows your patients to schedule online therapy sessions with you and comes with a billing feature, telehealth options, and a convenient central dashboard.

Their pricing starts at $10/month for 10 appointments and goes up to $59/month for an unlimited number of appointments.

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Telehealth
  • Billing
  • Appointment reminders
  • Secure client portal

13. TherapyNotes

TherapyNotes is another online therapy scheduling software that deserves to be mentioned. It features appointment scheduling, calendar sync, note-taking, and video sessions. TherapyNotes also takes care of your payment processing at just 2.7% plus 10 cents per transaction.

Their Solo plan costs $49/month while their Group and Enterprise plans are currently $59 + additional costs for any new user.

  • Video calls
  • Email and phone reminders
  • Document sharing
  • Payment processing
  • Client notes

14. YellowSchedule

YellowSchedule is a simple therapy appointment scheduling software designed to make it easy for your patients to book time with you. It connects with your external calendar software and syncs your events. Patients can see your availability and choose the time and date that fits their schedule.

YellowSchedule does one thing but does it well. However, it’s relatively expensive for what you get at $29.95/month.

Key features Yellow Schedule offers:

  • Calendar sync
  • Appointment reminders via email or SMS
  • Recurring appointments up to 2 years in advance
  • Payment options
  • Video appointments?
  • Multi-user (if you work for a larger practice)
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android)

15. Carepatron

Carepatron is a community-driven therapy scheduling platform for therapists and their clients. They believe that therapy teams play a critical role in our communities but often don’t have access to the scheduling tools they need to deliver more collaborative and better mental health outcomes.

81. Therapy Scheduling Software to help you organize your online practice-Carepatron

Instead, they often rely on low-quality scheduling tools, manual processes, and legacy software to get by. Carepatron believes that the best way to better health is by bringing practitioners and clients together in one collaborative therapy platform.

Carepatron features a free basic option, while the professional plan costs $12/month. An organizational account is also available.

Key features Carepatron offers:

  • Online scheduling
  • Calendar sync
  • Recurring appointments
  • SMS and Email reminders
  • Website and Facebook calendar integration
  • Fully integrated telehealth tool
  • Health records, clinical notes, and documentation
  • Payment processing
  • HIPAA certified

Level up your practice with an online therapy scheduler

Managing your online appointments without scheduling software for therapists is both time-consuming and inefficient. There are lots of budget-friendly and powerful small business scheduling software available to optimize your online practice.

If you’ve found this article useful, check out the 21 best web apps for online consulting and find more tools that will help you handle your therapy practice.

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