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How to Integrate Video Conferencing into a Website?

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Wondering how to integrate video conferencing into your website? Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it.
How to Integrate Video Conferencing into a Website

The convenience of meeting online has pushed professionals from all fields of work to turn to a video conferencing platform of some sort to meet with clients, colleagues, and employers.

The preference of tutors, coaches, and consultants as well as other professionals to be flexible, work from home, and be a part of international teams has further increased the demand for such video conferencing tools.

Although one might think that marketplaces do not necessarily need such features, facilitated communication is key when it comes to service providers.

One possible solution is for professionals to use Zoom or Google Meet on the side, however, we say that it’s better to embed video conferencing features within the marketplace itself.

Below you can find out why and how!

Why you should integrate video conferencing into your website?

Microsoft is very opinionated in terms of why you should use video conferencing. We decided to highlight some of their arguments and also add to them with our insights.

Business-wise, if you want to save time and money, you should definitely embed video conferencing into your website.

If your service marketplace doesn’t offer scheduling and video conferencing tools, service providers would have to rely on third-party sources to arrange a time slot and meet with their clients.

This would result in various issues that might get in the way of successfully completing a job.

No-shows, last-minute cancellations, tech issues, and misunderstandings generally cause a huge loss of time in navigating through different apps.

Not to mention that those apps would most probably charge a monthly fee for greater access to video conferencing features.

Having all marketplace features in one place also reduces the likelihood of disputes or misunderstandings later on as it creates consistent and accurate records of the conversations.

If questions arise along the way or the client is not happy with the final product, recordings, and transcriptions of the customer-seller dialogues could serve as references.

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3veta is the most flexible white-label video conferencing platform on the market, allowing you to schedule meetings, host branded video calls, accept payments, and much more.

How does video conferencing improve the user experience?

A very tricky concept that online businesses often struggle with is establishing good relationships between clients and sellers. In the virtual world, where everything is automated and lacks a human approach, trust hardly exists.

Service providers could easily talk to customers by picking up the phone or sending an email to arrange the details and answer any questions.

However, video conferencing immensely helps with building a customer-seller relationship.

How to Integrate Video Conferencing into a Website

Talking face-to-face makes the whole interaction more personal and sincere which establishes trust and builds a more loyal clientele.

The above-mentioned arguments in favor of video conferencing integration add up to yet another one.

Having everything in one place saves service providers and customers time and money, but also helps them establish trust with each other. Hence, more tasks turn out to be completed in a shorter period of time.

Such efficiency and productivity result in customer satisfaction and provide professionals with greater job opportunities.

Video conferencing integration also allows service providers to give customers personalized services if needed.

For instance, depending on the nature of the task, the professionals might have to do a one-on-one consultation with the client before completing the task.

These meetings could be very beneficial when it comes to making sure that the client’s expectations are met or when giving professional advice.

How to add video conferencing to your website?

An easy way to embed video conferencing into your website is to pick a white-label tool like 3veta that supports video conferencing API.

In case you’re unfamiliar with what white-label software does, its purpose is to provide you with features for your platform/marketplace without overshadowing your branding.

When choosing your white-label software, you have to be wary of a few mistakes that should be avoided.

Make sure to pick a solution that answers all security concerns, provides you with business analytics, and gives you the freedom of customization.

In our case, we give you all of that and require zero programming skills on your part as we handle all the tech sides of it and we give you instant access to the desired modules.

How to Integrate Video Conferencing into a Website

Our goal is to help you boost your business by giving you all the essential marketplace features quickly and automating all time-consuming activities.

As a marketplace owner, you get the option to integrate top-quality video conferencing and scheduling into your website and choose from an extensive list of other modules as well.

You can consider 3veta as one of the Zoom alternatives that don’t require you to open another window in your browser.

Having everything in one place, from video conferencing and scheduling to payments and analytics, has never been easier.

Final words

In conclusion, video conferencing is a crucial feature for marketplaces as it provides numerous benefits for both buyers and sellers.

It improves communication, allows for personalized interaction, saves time and cost, facilitates the work process, and provides a competitive edge over marketplaces that do not offer this feature.

As we established, with the increasing demand for remote and flexible communication, video conferencing is a powerful tool that can help marketplaces build stronger relationships and increase customer loyalty.

So, if you want to join the 3veta family and benefit from our services, don’t hesitate to contact us!