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How to Build a Coaching Marketplace Fast and Without Coding

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Coaching marketplaces have been increasingly in demand ever since online education became the new normal. Here’s how to build one.
How to build a coaching marketplace fast and without code

The boom of online education was a result of the unexpected circumstances Covid-19 caused.

The disruption of in-person activities made it possible for all sorts of professionals to experiment and move their businesses online.

Teachers, tutors, and coaches were highly in demand as students were struggling to keep up with their school materials, while workers saw an opportunity in staying at home all the time and decided to expand their knowledge/skillset.

That’s why a lot of professionals created their own platforms to display all the services they have to offer and make it as easy as possible for clients to book a time slot.

Of course, the greater the demand, the more service providers emerge. So it becomes harder for customers to choose and for coaches to be chosen. In that regard, marketplaces serve a better purpose compared to platforms.

So, if you’ve been thinking about starting an online coaching marketplace, this article is for you. We’ll focus on how exactly to build your marketplace fast without a single line of code.

Why should I build a coaching marketplace?

A marketplace for coaching could greatly benefit all parties – owners, sellers, and clients.

For clients, it will be so much easier to filter out and navigate through all the different services so as to choose the best fit for their needs.

The marketplace will also facilitate the whole process of choosing, paying for, and receiving a service.

For coaches, joining a marketplace would mean that they don’t have to worry about handling the payments, investing in marketing to popularize themselves, or in software that supports video meetings and booking services.

Overall, it saves them time and money, especially if their chosen niche is as particular as chess coaching.

For owners, building a service marketplace creates a huge opportunity as technology has allowed businesses to become global. So, marketplace owners can not only onboard coaches from all around the world, but they can also reach learners everywhere!

Not to mention that the automation tools most marketplaces are based on almost completely eliminate any paperwork that an entrepreneur would normally have to handle.

Also, service marketplaces turn out to be great because their digital nature implies that there is no inventory, therefore, no costs for physical spaces.

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What features to include in your coaching marketplace?

Whether your niche is focused on nutrition coaches or spiritual life coaches, there is a number of essential features to include in your coaching marketplace.

Quick onboarding

Make the signup process as straightforward as possible. For example, you can use step-by-step instructions to help service providers quickly go through it. Keep in mind that spending too much time compiling a profile might push service providers away.

Easy scheduling

Provide a simple booking solution to ensure user satisfaction. Having an easy-to-use scheduling option will enable coaches and their clients to quickly get in touch with each other without the hassle of finding a suitable time for their call.

How to build a coaching marketplace fast and without code

Our clients use 3veta’s white-label scheduling feature to ensure easy meeting scheduling for service providers and customers.

Video conferencing

Enabling video meetings within your coaching marketplace is crucial for the successful completion of services and a better customer experience. Furthermore, you’ll keep users on your platform.

Secure payment

Handling online payments is the number one factor in establishing trust and credibility in any online marketplace. Ensuring a secure payment process is an essential attribute of any service marketplace.

Moderation panel

Allowing service providers to easily change their listings, additional information, and other details in their accounts is a must. Furthermore, it supports greater efficiency and improves user experience.

Metrics and analytics

If you want to know how your marketplace is doing, integrate an analytics dashboard that will show you insights on service provider registrations, user experience, and revenue.

How to build a coaching marketplace fast and without code

 3veta’s in-depth user analytics feature will help you get regular insights into important user data (e.g. coaching sessions, payments, new registrations).

Different languages

Multilingual marketplaces greatly optimize user experience by eliminating geographical barriers and also facilitate the whole business to go global.

Ratings and reviews

Allowing clients to express their opinion on how coaches deliver their services is a great bonus because it gives room for improvement, establishes trust, and shows that you value feedback.

Which platform is best for an online coaching marketplace?

If you are a person with extensive programming knowledge you may be wondering why you’d need a no-code or low-code platform to help you with your marketplace.

And if you’re a person with no programming skills whatsoever you may be worried that relying solely on no-code marketplace solutions may not be as good as hiring IT specialists.

However, Dominic Monn, founder and CEO of MentorCruise, shares the following experience:

“I had skills as a web developer and had built some larger web apps before. But being able to code does not equal building a product.

I was a solid engineer, but the scope and designs of the things I’ve built usually came from elsewhere.”

This means that no matter whether you’re a programmer or not, you’ll probably have to ask for help from elsewhere, otherwise, it’ll be too expensive and time-consuming.

Now, the platform you choose as a no-code solution somewhat depends on your coaching marketplace business model.

Because the features you need depend entirely on what your marketplace is about, what you’d like to list on that marketplace, to whom, and by whom.

Whether your coaching marketplace lists services of health coaches or personal trainers, your business model would probably be classified either as commission-based or subscription-based.

Thus, you have to choose the most appropriate out of all no-code marketplace solutions that will not only allow you to start your business as fast as possible but will also comply with your requirements, and respect your branding.

How to build a coaching marketplace fast and without code

3veta’s marketplace builder provides you with a white-label video conferencing and scheduling solution used by thousands of people around the world.

Furthermore, it features an extensive list of modules to choose from and incorporate into your coaching marketplace.

You don’t need to write a single line of code and it doesn’t take weeks or months to get it done.

It’s just a matter of 3-5 working days.

Final words on coaching marketplaces

A marketplace for coaching is a place where professionals go to be more easily reachable and where clients go when they want to choose the right person to coach them.

Therefore, such a marketplace should be easy to navigate and should provide all parties with all the necessary features to enjoy a no-hassle teaching-learning experience.

A white-label no-code software ensures that both owners and users are satisfied and that all technical factors needed for a fully functional marketplace are present.

If you are ready to start your coaching marketplace, let’s talk.

3veta is the easiest and most powerful solution you can use to build your service marketplace.