Hybrid Work and Remote-First Work by 3veta

82. Best apps for psychologists-min

Psychologists, therapists, and wellness coaches have all dedicated themselves to helping people, but who helps them in return? Here are the best 7 apps for psychologists that work from home.

84. The Best 10 apps for Online Tutors in 2022

Virtual tutoring is an excellent venture if you are an independent teacher and you work from home. Here are the best platforms out there to help you kick this off.

86. Guest Contribution - Advisory vs Consulting

Consulting and Advisory are two similar but relatively distinct roles that are quite popular in the corporate space. Here’s a simple guide to help you learn more about them.

Let me tell you a secret, a good consultation platform is every home-based professional’s best friend! So, read along if you are interested in this kind of friendship.

83. Branded Video Calls How to Make your Brand Recognizable in a Remote-First World

If you are looking for out-of-the-box ways to build trust and authority with your current and prospective leads, then look into branding your video conferencing rooms.

81. 11 Therapy Scheduling Software to help you organize your online practice-min

If you are a therapist offering private sessions, you need to see these 12 therapy scheduling software.

80. Consulting networking Why you need to network and how

Consulting networking is the fastest way to advance your consulting career. Here's why you should network even more!

76. How to Charge for Webinars

Do you want to easily organize and host online events in a form of paid webinars? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve that with our help.

77. Music lesson scheduling software

Are you a music teacher looking for the best lesson scheduling software to help you with your virtual lessons? Look no more, we have the solution for you.

71. How to create a payment link to easily charge clients

Are you just getting started with earning online? Here is a simple guide on how to create a secure payment link to charge your clients.

73. Virtual meetings best practices How to run an effective virtual meeting

We are entering a new era of mankind – remote work. A virtual era that allows your living room to be your office. But that could come at a cost - the productivity of your meetings.

72. How to get clients as a health coach Tips & tools to succeed-min

Health coaching is proving to be an important niche of the healthcare industry. However, getting new clients could be tricky for every home-based health coach.

78. 3veta Status Update - 500 Days of 3veta

More than 1 year ago we started working on 3veta. This is a status update of sorts where we look back on the good and bad decisions that we have made in this period.

75. 9 Tips on How to Grow and Scale Your Consulting Business

You are trying to build your own consultancy business. And while you are an expert in your domain, finding clients for your online consulting business turns out to be a whole new challenge.

69. 21 best web apps for online consulting you should know and use

In this article, you can find 21 of the best web apps for online consulting that help independent entrepreneurs handle their business needs.